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Mar 19, 2013 1:35am PDT
bergoglio, and argentina and the various governments there. >> reporter: that's right. observers look at the situation in argentina with cristina kirchner as somebody who could check her power. he's somebody that's against gay marriage somebody that's against extra sepgscontraception, and that goes against cristina kirchner.r.ner.r. when pwhe p opan s wcis wci announced during a congressional meeting with kirchner, they actually paused and they stopped to remember president hugo chavez. they did not stop and remember pope francis. so that just goes to tell you and to speak and honor pope francis. now, obviously president kirchner did come yesterday and met for 20 minutes before having lunch. she said that she got a kiss from pope francis to sort of mend the situation that has happened, that's been going on in argentina for many many years between really the government of argentina and the church. bergoglio has always been somebody who has spoken out against really self-absorbed politicians who some say cristina kirchner is. also, during the meeting, they prese
Mar 17, 2013 11:00pm PDT
for the priesthood in secret and was ordained shortly after world war ie. then as i priest avenue the government he and others had to keep their politicians the the himself. his passion for the poor impressed the vatican. as pope he set out in the footsteps of st. peter to become the rock that the church stands on. he was never to waiver, he was shot five times in an assassination attempt. as his body bent his spiritual spine did not. relentlessly he it can his message to a world that hello. some hoped he would take a stands on matters such as material. >> to commit your service to the truth. america needs much prayer, or it will lose its soul. >> reporter: in 1987 behind bullet-proof gas he was greeted with agolation. but he called on fidel ka too. h he told -- but he called on fidel castro. he spoke openly against the war in iraq. causing discomfort for president bush. it wasn't the first time whence. the vatican had promised the pope would not bring the topic of stem cell research. the pope ignored that and made a speech on the -p topic ooze the preside
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2